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At Focus, we take manufacturing and distribution jobs and staffing seriously.  Our entire company - from top to bottom - is geared towards one thing:  Industrial Staffing.

Focus can uniquely help you with your needs because our team is trained and geared towards manufacturing, logistics, and distribution.  Focus works with many different specialized industries.  Learn more about our Staffing Services.

Are you a Job Seeker or Looking for a job?  

Apply for over 1,000 Warehouse Jobs and Manufacutring Jobs here.  We are seeking quality candidates and applicants for production jobs, labor jobs, and logistics and distribution jobs

Browse some of our employment opportunities and job listings here. Some of our current job openings that we are hiring for inlcude: 





We work with over 200 local industrial, manufacturing, and logistics companies!
Apply just once and gain access to new opportunities across several locations and companies.  

Our clients depend on Focus to hire 100's of people per week for positions such as Production, Assembly jobs, Electronic Assembly, Electronics, Warehouse Jobs, Forklift Jobs, General Labor, Welders, Welding, Maintenance, Recruiting, Recruiters, Staffing, Food Production, Machine Operators, Logistics, Material Handler, Material Handlers, Material Handling, Order Pickers, Order Picking, Order Pulling, Distribution Jobs, Logistics Jobs, Printing, Printers, Packaging, Welding, Machinist, Clinical and Laboratory, Technical, Technicians, Mechanical, Mechanics, Industrial, Supervisors, Managers, and Manufacturing jobs.

























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