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Q: What do I need to bring with me when I apply?
Bring 2 valid forms of identification to meet I-9 standards.  Example is Driver’s license, US Passport, birth certificate, social security card.  Also bring your recent job history with you including the names of companies, addresses, phone numbers, position, etc.

Q: How long does it take to apply when I come into the Focus Office?
A: It usually takes about an hour but depends upon the type of position applying for and how busy we are.   

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: No, it is completely FREE and we do not charge you any fees.  Clients pay all fees.  As such, please remember that you are a job applicant, not a customer.  We are not able to hire or get a job for every applicant due to number of applicants. 

Q: How often do I get paid?
A: Every Friday for previous week's work.  We pay by direct deposit or a cash/debit card. 

Q: How long until I get an assignment?
A: Depending upon the type of job you are applying for and corresponding screening requirements you can receive a job in as little as one day.  Jobs that require drug screening, background checks, and other pre-screening requirements may take longer.  However, we are not able to promise that you will get a job.  Focus is not able to hire every applicant that applies due to a number of reasons such as number of applicants, lack of assignments available, skill mismatches, experience, better qualified applicants, availability, etc. 

Q: What are the requirements to work for Focus?
A: Different jobs have different requirements.  But, at the minimum you must be at least 18 years of age and have some consistent job history.  Most clients require at least 18 months of continuous work history, and since all of our jobs are industrial, warehouse, or manufacturing jobs you must be able to lift, bend, sit, and stand all day every day with no restrictions. 

Q: Who should I call if I have an injury, payroll questions, or need to report job related issues?
A: Call our office and ask for the office manager or your account manager you interviewed with and placed you on a job. 

Q: Can I work overtime?
Yes, if it is allowed by your client company.  Overtime hours are any hours over 40 in one week.  Our workweek is Monday through Sunday.  Overtime is paid at one and one half of your regular hourly wage.

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