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New Distribution Centers and Manufacturing

Whether you need a 300 person flexible workforce or want us to pinpoint talent for your key positions, our team of local recruiters and staffing professionals can help.  Ramping up a new facility is not for the faint of heart.  That's why Focus consistently surveys the market to identify best in class technology, employees, and processes to ensure the highest level of productivity and consistent staffing for your new facility.  

Want proof?  Check out new case studies from recent clients.  Case Studies - New Manufacturing & Distribution Centers

We KNOW the local employment market - put our knowledge to work for you!

We can help you with a myriad of your strategic initiatives from wage assistance to even facility location as it pertains to availability of the employees you will be hiring in your target locations.  We can also help you identify your 'hiring competitors' - other large employers in the area that you will be competing with.  From strictly an employment standpoint, there are certainly more cost effective areas than others and the quality of the available workforce may differ. 

Focus is the largest specialized staffing company specializing in new facility start up staffing and workforce management.  No one knows the local employment markets for distribution and manufacturing employees better. 

We saved a new distribution center $1,000,000 per year! 

We helped a large new distribution center save nearly  $1,000,000  per year by helping them identify the correct competitive wages for their specific industrial park and area.  Through wage surveys, competitive analysis, quantitative data, as well as presenting qualitative information, the company concluded that it could effectively decrease its starting wage $1.87 per hour.  Along with taxes and benefits, this saved approximately $987,000 per year. 

Wages vary from area to area, even in the same metropolitan area or city.  Depending upon where you are locating your facility, we can help you identify skill-appropriate wages that are not unnecessarily high but yet appropriate for the skill level needed to ensure you receive the talent you need.  Want to see proof?  Check out our case studies.

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